Blood Donation Event of RCMCH By Dr. Mofizuddin Foundation
Dr. Mofizuddin Foundation organized blood donation events and discussion on blood donation time to time to create awareness on the necessity and benefits of donating blood. In these events, Dr. Mofizuddin Foundation always partnered with Rangpur Community Medical College Hospital to make sure safe Blood collection and Transfusion in need. These events are always flourished by the presence of Hospital Additional Director, Md. Mirazul Mohsin and . Our blood donation events are successful for the presence and dedication of the blood donors. One of blood donor decided to donate blood because he had understood the suffering of those in need of blood. He said, “I went through a very hard time finding donors for my brother when he was suffering from dengue fever.” Families often tried to discourage the family members from donating blood because they fear he/she might get weak or infected with diseases. Another issue that people hardly talk about is that sometimes patients or their family do not want to take blood from a donor from a different religion. Till date, several myths and misconceptions refrained people, particularly women, from donating blood and it causes problem to collect blood donor to make safe Blood Transfusion even in case of Thalassemia Patients. A woman blood donor said it is true that sometimes women are scared to donate blood. “However, blood donation is a noble act which can save lives, and I will keep doing it," she continued. If somebody has a bloodborne disease, such as certain STDs like gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV positive, hepatitis B or C carrier, are on certain medications, they should refrain from donating blood, and women should refrain from donating blood during their menstrual cycle. If you have been travelling recently that may also affect your ability to donate blood. But most people who are fit and healthy can give blood. According to the WHO, anyone has to be between the ages of 18 and 66 to give blood. To donate blood, you must weigh between 50kg and 160kg. You must also wait at least 24 hours after having work done at the dentist, and for those who have recently had tattoos or piercings done, must have to wait for at least four months.

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