What is Abolombon Card?

Abolombon is first of kind health credit card by Rangpur Group. Teachers & Stuff from any govt educational institute can avail the card with maximum 50,000 BDT credit facilities. Any private institute under MPO is also eligible for the card.

How to get the Card?

Contact 01701-26-47-20 for help. To open a new card following documents are required-
1. 2 copy passport-sized photograph
2. 1 photocopy of national ID card
3. 1 passport-sized photo of the nominee.
4. 1 photocopy of nominee's NID
5. 50 TK. fees

What are the facilities of Abolombon Card?
1. For the admitted patient, the cardholder can down pay 30% of total outstanding and rest 70% bill can be paid by 12 months installment.
2. 5% discount for bed/cabin & service charges for admitted patients.
3. 10% discount for Lab investigation
4. 10% discount for medicine purchase.

If the Cardholder does not take credit facilities and pay total outstanding following discount are available-
1. 25% discount for bed/cabin
2. 25 % discount for Lab investigation.
3. 25% discount for medicine purchase.
4. 25 % discount for Lab Investigation for the outdoor patient.
Referral Benefit

If a cardholder refers to a patient who doesn't have a card, that patient will also get the following benefits-
1. 20% discount for bed/cabin
2. 20% discount for Lab Investigation
3. 10% discount for medicine purchase
P.S # Referred patients will not eligible for Credit facilities.

Support Benefit:
1. A dedicated team will assist Card Holder for any service physically.
2. Priority on specialist consultation
3. Special facilities in ICU, NICU & dialysis.

Card Helpline: 01701-26-47-20

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