The intensive care unit at RCMCH is a specialized unit featuring the individual needs of our hospitalized patients. Not only does the ICU have specialized, state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to provide care to a variety of critically ill patients, but also our intensive care professionals are specially trained to provide personalized, compassionate care to ICU patients and their loved ones. All registered nurses working in the ICU are trained in advanced cardiac life support techniques.


Regular assessment and treatment of pain, including medication reviews for improved pain control and the management of delirium.
Early mobility and exercise to help prevent muscle loss due to immobilization while in the ICU, and to help improve alertness and orientation to aid in recovery. Rather than keeping patients sedated and sedentary during their ICU stay, patients are helped to walk with a ventilator. This improves healing time and reduces the risk of complications that are typical in a traditional ICU environment.
Family engagement and empowerment, especially in daily rounds by health care providers (doctors, nurses, rehabilitation staff, and more) for direct communication, with questions answered on the spot.


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